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Does it take a whole village to raise a child?

Amanda Barton

As educators will tell you, our classrooms are filling up with children who live for the moment, some because their lives have been catered to, but many because they live in survival mode on a day to day basis and are forced to look out for themselves. They do not realize the potential within them, they have lost the innocence to dream and trust. They have experienced disappointment, uncertainty and feeling alone.
Years ago many were somewhat offended when Hillary Clinton stated, “It takes a whole village to raise a child” in reference to America. America, where we have solid families who take care of each other; parents who tell their children how special and unique they are and they are created with purpose. Parents who encouraged their children to dream, experience life and try new things. Parents who guide, teach, lead. But even the best parents rely on friends and community to help their child grow.
As we raise our children, we come together as a community to grow the next generation. The village is made up of people. The government can make the laws, but it is the people who are to care for one another. It does take a village to raise a child. It takes the people of the community to pour into the lives of it’s children.
Speak life into the children in your circle of influence. Help them dream. Give them opportunities to realize the potential within them. Be their biggest fans! Make a difference where you are, and if you can, make a difference in the lives of foster kids at Royal Family Kids Camp Sioux Empire this summer!