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1500 S Sycamore Avenue, Suite 101
Sioux Falls, SD

(605) 644-6834


52 Foster Children + 5 Short Days + 70 Camp Volunteers = Confidence, Hope and Brighter Futures

Amanda Barton

Hours of training and preparation build up the anticipation for Monday morning -
The day campers arrive on the charter that pulls into camp.
Full of excitement, some with memories from the previous year, others uncertain of what is to come.
"Will they like me, accept me; is this another group home full of rules?"

With cheers and celebration as they get off the bus, campers are greeted with smiles and love rarely, if ever, realized in their lives.
In moments almost every wall is broken down. 
As the campers tour the grounds a new world opens up to them. 
A world of freedom, acceptance, breath.

There's so much to see and even more to do:
Woodworking, crafts, dress-up, archery, bikes, swimming, jet skis, field games, fishing, the list is endless.
And FOOD, endless food. 
Nurses with love with every encounter and staff ready to guide us along the way.
If only life could be like this everyday!

Early Monday evening a beautiful calm rested over camp.
A quiet calm birthing a new strength and confidence in our campers.
As the week progressed our campers began to own the truth our staff were pouring into them;
You are WANTED for Such a Time as This!

At week's end they now stand taller,
Hold their heads higher,
And walk in the love imparted through us,
By the One who has never let them out of His sight.
For such a time as this!

Campers partake in so many fun activities including special events, jet skis and tubing, a Royal Feast with Fireworks and Everyone's Birthday Party, complete with inflatables, pizza and birthday cake. But those aren't the things that the campers thank us for. Over and over again campers tells us and send us notes of how great it was to be in a place where no one yelled at them or hurt them, where people really loved them, great food, where they can learn about God, where people really love them.  For one week, these kids are welcomed with open arms that allow them to let down their guard, just be kids and begin to dream and discover who God has made them to be! 

Royal Family KIDS Camp is a community camp for foster children run by volunteers and supported through individual and corporate donors. To find out how you can be a part of the difference in 2016 Contact us at