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October 2017 JUMP Day Camp

Fostering Hpoe

October 7, 2017 was a beautiful sunny day for our Jump day camp. As campers arrived, they had huge smiles on their faces as they noticed familiar faces from summer camp. All the volunteers welcomed the kids with bright smiles. Our theme for the day was GLOW and it was also national LED light day. Each child received a JUMP light keychain to remind them that Jesus is the light in their life.

In the morning the gym was busy with flying balls, volunteers pushing kids on bikes, campers reconnecting with friends from camp and volunteers laughing and encouraging campers as they made baskets in the basketball hoop. God’s love was all abundant and everyone was GLOWING as more and more kids arrived.

Chapel started off with the song “Who is the King of the Jungle” and every camper sang loud and remembered all the actions. The loudest part of the song was when the campers sang...J-E-S-U-S while pointing up and saying “He Is the King of Me”!  We had some of our older campers help with the motions and getting everyone involved.

Courage was what chapel was about.  We also learned that you can be brave enough to do what you should do, even when you're afraid. We discovered in our Bible story about Daniel and the lion’s den that God was with Daniel, even in the scary lion’s den. Daniel trusted God. Two campers who were familiar with this Bible story helped tell it. Our main verse was Joshua 1:9a “Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid. Do not lose hope. I am the Lord your God. I will be with you everywhere you go.”

After chapel we had lunch and then the GLOW excitement began! As campers went outside to enjoy the GLOWING sunshine, the gym was getting setup for laser tag. Once laser tag started it was fun to see the campers team up together behind the blinds to get the others out with the GLOWING lasers.

For the next three hours campers had GLOWING smiles as they walked around to all the fun activities. Some came out of the beauty shop with bouncy curls in their hair, nail polish on their nails and colorful make up. In the craft room, campers could decorate pumpkins by melting crayons on them, using markers or designing patterns with colorful duct tape. Also in that room they were using their imagination as they made GLOWING pumpkin lights. Some campers even made one for their friend. In the toy room campers colored many coloring sheets, built lego towers, pet furry friends, performed puppet shows and built creations out of wax sticks. The kids each made delicious apple pie that they could take with them. There were extra apple pies, so the campers were handing them out to the volunteers with GLOWING smiles. It was fun watching them give pies and be excited to share how the pie was made.

The last part of the day was our GLOW party. Every camper and volunteer were GLOWING with fun necklaces and bracelets. Everyone was dancing and having fun as they played GLOW bowling, GLOW mini golf, GLOW dodgeball, GLOW beach ball volleyball and other fun games.  

 What an exciting day. Our volunteers were amazing and they had a GLOWING smile all day with our campers.

-  Thanks to volunteer Laura T. for JUMPing in and summarizing this special day!