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1500 S Sycamore Avenue, Suite 101
Sioux Falls, SD

(605) 644-6834

Words That Come to Mind


Words That Come to Mind

Fostering Hpoe

When I think of JUMP Dec. 2nd:

Wow. Registration. 60 Foster Children. Making lasting memories. Painting canvases. Crafts. Amazing. Legos. Coloring. Wonderful. Gym. Blessed. Joy. Smiles. Thankful. Flying balls. Scooters. Playing. Chapel. Yummy lunch. Basketball. Songs. Wrapping presents. Fun. Painted nails. More Crafts. Polly Pockets. Petting pets. Beautiful weather. Jesus. Friends. Laughter. Playground. Giving. Decorated Rice Krispie Treats. Frosting. Hot Chocolate. Candy canes. Excitement. Teen helpers. Even more crafts. Climbing Trees. Rejoice. Christmas. Gifts. Tag. Duct tape. Tutus. Wrapped Letters. Pictures. Cups. Kids wrapped up as Christmas trees. True meaning of Christmas. Servant hearts. Awesome Volunteers. Lots and Lots of Volunteers!  The Sioux Valley Optimist Club.  You. Great kids. Rejoicing. And more crafts. BACON CRACKERS!

Thank you Emily G. (and all our volunteers) for sharing more than your words but your whole heart!