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Celebrate a Day of Kindness

Fostering Hpoe

On February 3rd, 68 kiddos and 35 volunteers came together to celebrate a day of kindness. Like many of our other JUMP days, we prepared for a whole lot of fun. 

From the very start, the gym was filled with excitement as children reunited with friends.  Bikes were ridden, baskets were made, and "push me" was shouted with grins on their faces. Friends dared each other to wear the funky glasses, while posing for a photo in front of the photo props that make an appearance at least once a year. It was important that the kids got a special photo with their decorated frame to take home just for them. 

Excitement continued to build as we sang the “Welcome Song” in chapel that proclaimed our brother and sisterhood in God’s family. We learned about the “Golden Rule” and how to be kind to our neighbor. We were so glad when Ms. Laura decided to share her Tootsie Rolls with all of us! 

Yummy food was devoured and our amazing kitchen staff provided delicious treats throughout the day to keep us nourished and energized. S'more pies, strawberries and krispy treats were displayed in pure delight across our younger kids faces.

Water beads squished between our hands, heart shaped crafts, legos, sticker books and Polly pockets are all things that consumed our morning and afternoon. Who would be the first to sign up for the video game trailer? Well, the guys of course! 

Face painting, beautiful curls and painted nails were shared in the beauty room. Don't worry, we made sure our nails were dry before having some bounce house fun! 

More video games, water beads and bouncy house jumping fun was had before winding down our afternoon in big group games. Side hugs and "we are so glad you came", hi-fives and "we will see you next time" were the gestures happening as we bid each other goodbye.

During this JUMP event in February kids were....well kids. This day was all about them and you could see it in their smiles.  Thanks again to volunteer Laura T. for JUMPing in and summarizing this special day!