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FROG for JUMP Day April 2018

Fostering Hpoe

What animal loves to say “ribbit” and enjoys JUMPing in to teach the kids a valuable lesson? It is a frog! FROG was the theme for the April JUMP Day and the word FROG also helped to remind the campers that in life you can Fully Rely On God in all situations and that by trusting in Him He will lead your paths- Proverbs 3:5-6.

The day started with fun in the gym as the kids enjoyed JUMPing to shoot baskets and riding on the fun toys. While the kids were playing, a few of the teen helpers were learning how to fold origami frogs that can JUMP and would be one of the fun options to do during craft time. The origami frogs happily hopped as each one was folded carefully for some of the younger campers to take home.

During chapel, the team helpers assisted in leading songs and acting out the story of the Daniel in the lions den. The kids learned that like Daniel they can Fully Rely On God to care for them. With the theme of FROG, chapel time would be incomplete without singing that God is the king of the jungle.

A watermelon carved in the shape of a frog looked on as the kids enjoyed their yummy lunch. In the craft room, the kids were able to make May Day baskets to share with family and friends. Lovely flower stickers and ribbons made bright and cheerful baskets that the kids filled with candy and a packet of flowers to add a touch of spring to a loved one's yard.

It was cool, but the kids were happy to be able to JUMP outside to enjoy some tree climbing, tag and some JUMP shots on the playground.

The beauty room, as always, was a hit as the kids enjoyed the paintings of lovely butterflies, tigers, other designs and, of course frogs, on their faces or arms. Even some of the adult volunteers enjoyed the action as their faces were fully covered with a bright design.

But the most exciting part of the day was that there were special afternoon guests from the Outdoor Campus and the Amphibian Club. A couple of live frogs made a guest appearance as well a variety of turtles, lizards and snakes. Kids were able to pet these friends and to learn fun facts like some lizards have a third eye on the top of their head which can see shadows that helps the lizard to duck under cover in case of being hunted. The largest snake in the group, a python, was a huge hit. It was kind of the members of the club to bring out their pets to share with the kids.

As the day winded down campers enjoyed playing sharks and minnows in the gym. It was thrilling fun to run across the gym to avoid being tagged by the sharks.

As each child was picked up they were given a plastic frog to be a reminder of the day's adventures as well as that they can Fully Rely On God. Our prayer until next fall for JUMP will be that the kids will remember that they can trust in the Lord with all their hearts and that He will be directing their paths until we meet again