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Frequently Asked Questions


does fostering hope offer programs for children who are not in foster care?

Fostering Hope focuses on the unique needs of children in a foster care home. Some events include the foster family, but most programs are geared to the children in care.


How will the world be a better place

As a positive influence in one of the most tumultuous times in a child's life, Fostering Hope provides a unique setting for discovery for a foster child and a constant presence that believes in them and broadens their world view. This influence will give the kids we serve the opportunity to break out of the cycle of abuse and neglect and discover they were created with purpose and that they matter; that what they do makes a difference (for good or bad). They will become kids who positively contribute to society through their vocations, family, community activity, volunteering. Kids who know they matter and live a life caring for others and the earth. And it's not just the kids who benefit: adults begin to believe in foster kids and help children realize why they are, which creates tomorrow’s leaders with a foundation beyond themselves. Kids who know they have a purpose and live on purpose.


What skills and/or knowledge do children need to acquire so they can believe, dream, and discover new hope for their future?

Who they are - their value & purpose, core needs of security, identity, belonging, purpose, and competence: trustworthy in character, convinced of their value, discerning and secure in their relationships, sure of their purposes, and confident in their abilities which translates as a ministry into: developing trust (us accepting and serving them, follow-through), helping them realize who they are, that they matter and have purpose (truth of God’s Word), and discovering what they’re good at/interests. Trust is huge — trust in Jesus, trust in themselves, trust in God’s Word and His unchanging character. Purpose, focus, guidance and inspiration!