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Why The Elephant?


In 2000, 60 Minutes recorded a segment called "The Delinquents" featuring young orphaned elephants. South African park rangers had discovered that young elephants were killing off the protected rhinos.

“Why would they do it? Well, like juvenile delinquents, they had grown up without role models. "I think everyone needs a role model, and these elephants that left the herd had no role model and no idea of what appropriate elephant behavior was," said Gus van Dyk, Pilanesberg Park's field ecologist.” (source: ) So they brought in larger bull elephants. The result? Not a single rhino has been killed since.

This story is analogous to human behavior. Like the orphaned elephants, a child without constant guidance is set in survival mode. Children in care have learned to survive and develop a resiliency that can be used for good or bad. When partnered with a constant positive example and influence, the children we serve begin to BELIEVE, DREAM and DISCOVER the full potential of their being and their part in community. 

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Abbreviated clip of a 60 Minutes story "The Delinquents" (3 minutes). Several young elephants are relocated to another park in South Africa after their parents were slaughtered due to overcrowding. These young elephants then grow up without the presence of any "role models".